What is BitCheke?

BitCheke is a social ecosystem created under the Waves Wallet. BitCheke is disruptive. BitCheke is the future of payment systems for advertising and commerce, integrating cryptocurrencies for daily use, influencing participation through incentives that allow users to increase their purchasing power and contribute to the environment with social mining that we call Rewards.

BitCheke along with Rewards as "Social Mining" will make simple what was previously complex; inexpensive what was costly and eco-friendly what was unsafe for the environment.

Why invest in BitCheke?

Cryptocurrencies are known for their extreme security and anonymity at the highest level. Transactions carried out by this system cannot be reversed or falsified and represent savings when compared to the high transaction fees that banks charge to customers. With cryptocurrencies, rates are at the lowest level, making it more reliable than conventional currency in the market. Its decentralized and democratized nature means that they can be accessible to everyone, while banks are only available to those who qualify to open accounts.

Therefore, we understand that speculation and participation are not enough: the usability, reserve of value and intrinsic value along with the shortage of a cryptocurrency is what will give it sustainability. BitCheke together with Rewards is the new gateway for all cryptocurrencies. An ecosystem based on incentives that impact on the social economic gap with environmental responsibility.

How many BitCheke are there or have been issued?

The supply or total availability of BitCheke is 70 billion. Currently, there are 131,674,646 coins in circulation, which is 19% of the founder/s reserve.

What is Social Mining?

It is a revolutionary alternative to traditional mining, thus offering, every day, an integration in the market of cryptocurrencies with very few barriers, and this is where our project based on the social community presents and introduces what is now known as social minorities or Rewards. Through an application created by the BitCheke team, with the intention of attracting anyone to the world of cryptocurrency, motivated by a simple process and with incentives every day.

This disruptive tool will change traditional mining to social mining, changing our view and that of investors in cryptocurrencies that seek projects with social and environmental awareness and trends.

Why is BitCheke also a social project?

Our ecosystem offers access to anyone regardless of their social condition, race, religion, sex or personal preferences, who wish to invest and seek a vehicle through which they can save and obtain profit or reward for using it, allowing them to release cash to increase their wealth, to have a better future and improve their spending power, stimulating the purchase and savings. Through BitCheke, investors can improve their living conditions and generate a positive impact on the local economy and society.

What is a digital or electronic wallet?

It is an App with several integrated security systems, which will allow you to store and transfer your virtual currency without the intermediation of a third party (Bank or Government).

Get your digital wallet on a few simple steps

Download your wallet from Google Play or App Store, named “Waves Wallet

Install your Wallet App

  • Click on: "Create New Wallet".
  • Accept the terms (I understand)
  • Create "user name", password and PIN number
  • Save the 15 key words (BackUp Seeds) as they appear

In the bottom menu, press the arrow icon in your direction (Receive), where you will see the address of your electronic wallet, which starts with: waves://. This address must be sent to us via email if you wish to invest, or buy, in order to be able to transfer your BitCheke.

Now you can purchase BitCheke

Go to www.bitcheke.com and see the reference value and observe the conversion to the reference value “ETH / BTC” . When you calculate the amounts to buy equivalent to your favorite crypto in BitCheke. You can go on to the next step

Once you had calculated your investment to know how many coins will be transferred to your Waves Wallet, you must send an email to invest@bitcheke.com stating the amount of funds you wish to invest and the currency you will use as payment.

You will receive an email with the data referring to the bank and account number you must transfer your investment. Following this procedure, your coins or the amount of BitCheke you have purchased will be sent to your Waves Wallet or electronic wallet, which will be effective seconds after your deposit is confirmed.